Witness Report & The Disturbing Rise of Missing Persons in Iran and Afghanistan: Unveiling the Dark Reality

In recent years, there has been an alarming trend of people being arrested or kidnapped by police in Iran and Afghanistan. Many of these people are never seen or heard from again, leaving their families to wonder what happened to them.

The forced disappearance of a loved one is a nightmare for any family. The anguish and uncertainty of not knowing what happened to them or if they are still alive is unbearable. But this is the reality for many families in Iran and Afghanistan, where the number of missing persons is on the rise.

Forced disappearances have a devastating impact on families. They can cause physical and mental health problems, financial hardship, and social isolation. The burden of worry and stress can be overwhelming. And often, there is no closure or answers for families who are left wondering what happened to their loved ones.

This dark reality needs to be exposed so that something can be done to help the families of the missing. Forced disappearances must end, and those responsible must be held accountable. Families deserve to know the truth about what happened to their loved ones and should not suffer in silence.

Our goal is to compile a comprehensive list of individuals arrested, kidnapped, imprisoned, or murdered within the past decade. This information will be shared with human rights organizations for further investigation and advocacy.
This information is vital to help locate and free these individuals and hold their captors accountable. We hope that by making this information public, we can pressure authorities to take action and help reunite families.
The https://Witness.report site’s content has been gathered from people’s reports on Twitter and Instagram and revised to make it more accurate.