This site needs your help

Today, I published the above picture “this site needs your help” to my Instagram account to ask my followers to support my web site. As Instagram is an easy to use application and many people all around the world have it on their mobile phones, so each good picture will collect 10s or 100s even millions of likes in a few hours. Unfortunately adding links to Instagram posts is not possible!

I am glad to inform you that this request has collected six likes in 30 minutes, I predict that this picture would raise more than 50 likes in next 24 hours (about 60% of the average number of likes on my photos posted on Instagram). Thank you, dear followers!

Anyway, as I wrote on the image above, I will do my best to have better SEO score for current posts and of course for new ones.

I think none of the social media is good enough to forget my weblog. I prefer to write here and then share it to social sites and applications.

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