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Kaveh Jamali Resume 2019-07-03

Personal Information

Full Name


Date of Birth

Kaveh Jamali


Mar. 1975

Career Objective

Chief Operation Officer with company oversight, committed to the cost-effective management of resources and quality performance.

Date Company Job Title & Activities Full-Time Location
experiencesProfessional Experiences

Feb 2007 – March 2019

Rah Naghsheh Khavarmianeh


Company Manager

GIS Mapping
Iran Garmin Maps ( Topography- Routable)
Navitel Routable Maps
Online POI edit engine

Online Shopping Systems
Web Mapping

YES Tehran, Iran

Jun 2001– Feb 2007

Hamkaran Elm & Fanavari

(Technology and Knowledge Group)

Company Manager

Web Site Design
Web Hosting
Domain Registration
Online Raster Map Generation
Daily Newsletters

YES Tehran, Iran

Dec 1997-Jun 2001



Web Site Design
Data Gathering
Online Newsletters

NO Tehran, Iran


Miscellaneous Information


language skillsLanguages

Persian: Native
English: Professional working proficiency
Arabic: Limited working proficiency
Turkish: Elementary proficiency

computer skillsSoftware Skills


Web Developing


Quantum GIS


Expert on this free GIS software

ESRI ArcInfo GIS Familiar

Global Mapper

GIS and Mapping Familiar

GPS Map Edit

GIS and Mapping

Expert on Mapping

Micro GIS Editor

GIS and Mapping

Expert on Mapping

Polish format polisher


Creator, Expert

Google Map API V2 & V3

Web Mapping

Expert on API



Expert on API


Web GIS Familiar with API

Cloud Maps


Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008


IIS 6, 7, 7.5

Web developing web Hosting


ASP Classic

Web Developing


MS-SQL 2005, 2008

Database Management



Database Management Familiar
My ProjectsProjects

Project Name



Date & additional info

Gheimat Feb 2019 – Now
Increase the number of Iran cities map to 105 Apr 2014
Child Online Shops
Based on
Developer Nov 2013

Adding Custom tiled map and Mapquest

Google Map API has been filtered for an Iranian internet user


Feb 2013

top 5 and top 20 (nearest places)

Iran GPS Map members can find most useful places around their current position


Jan 2013

Increase the Number of POI to 83000

Project Manager

December 2012

Increasing the number of cities to 84

Project Manager

May 2012

Iran topography map 2012

Based on STRM 30 and STRM 90 and adding Water features

Project Manager

May 2012

Increase Number of POI to 75000

Project Manager

Mar 2012

Increase the number of cities to 74

Most Provinces centres and tourism cities

Project manager

May 2011

Auto-detect Country, State, City for current and new POI

about 50000 POI


Feb 2011

Increase road accuracy and add 30 other cities

Project Manager

Nov 2010

Iran topography map for Garmin 2010

95% coverage with 25 m Interval Mapper and Producer

April 2010

Adding Geo-tagged Pictures

detect location and POI around a geo-tagged picture


Feb 2010

Establishing as POI and Populated places site

adding and Editing POI


December 2009

Data Gathering and analyze all Iran-populated places

collecting 65000 populated places


Finished Nov 2009

First Persian – English map for Navigators

It contains 5-6 cities and Iran roads

Project Manager and Mapper

Published Apr 2009

Design Pinglish (Persian in the Latin alphabet) to Persian auto translator

Project Manager

as Project manager

Translate Navitel to Persian

Persian Menu and Keyboard with Navitel company help


Published February 2009

First Iran Navigation map for WinCE

Compatible map for Navitel in English

Consultant and GIS Manager

Published December 2008

First Iran Routable Map for Garmin

Contains Tehran, Karaj and Most of Iran roads

GIS Manager

Published July 2008

Tehran Garmin Map 2008

The first Tehran Garmin Map with all major and principal highways

Mapper and Producer

Published March 2008

hosting 2000 websites under the brand

Windows Hosting for companies and other people


the site has been top 10 in hosting the market in Iran from 2001 to 2005

Online web services for Iranians, Like shop, SMS services and …

Project Manager

from 2001 to 2006

Design more than 200 small and medium-sized websites

Most of these sites were designed for commercial companies

Project Manager

from 2000 to 2006

interestsInterests and Activities

Leisure Activities

Enjoy reading, watching movies, Socialising, and going out and about meeting people. I enjoy listening to music, taking pictures, mountain climbing and swimming.

General information- I am a non-smoker, have no disability, and have an Asian Iranian background: I speak fluent Persian and also good English.

I am hard working and enjoy working as part of a team; I am punctual lively and charming towards my fellow colleagues. I enjoy working with people and meeting new faces. I am reliable, friendly and well-organised.

I can manage small or large teams.

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