Polish Format Map (.mp)

Polish Format Map (.mp)

For the first time that I heard “Polish Format”, I was wondering that this format is related to Poland or it is related to simonize (polish) verb.

I am not sure, but according to cGPSmapper manual that call this format “Polski Format Mapy” that is Polish of “Polish Format Map” I think that for the first time this format of storing map has been created in Poland .

MP (PFM) is text based format to store vector maps. There are some software that let you create or edit maps in this version. The most famous one is GPS MAP EDIT, (I will write about this small, but powerful software in another log), and some customized version of GPS MAP EDIT like GME++ (Freeware). Even some under developing mapping software like “Micro GIS Editor” support .mp completly.

PFM structure is simple to learn and if you are interested in it, cGPSmapper manual is a good source. There are many syntax on this format, but most of map data, store on three important sections:


For example a POLYLINE data will be stored like this:


In this small example you can find some other sections like nod and … that shows this version is simple and powerful.

Now Navitel, CityGuide and 7ways converters support .mp.


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