I travel whether walking or driving

When I arrived in Australia, It took one week to adopt my mind with this truth that people drive in the correct direction, and they are not criminals. Here, the cars steering wheel is in the right, and the cars drive on the left side of the streets.

When I ride a taxi for the first time, I was pushing the brake pedal. I expected to have a car crash anytime.

Step by step, my mind adapted itself to new rules, and now, I think I am ready to drive again. It is the truth but funny that I should face an 18-year challenge in 44. I should take another driving license! Before coming to Australia, I read that I can drive for three months in NSW with my current driving license translation.

Now, I reviewed the  NSW site again, Seems I should be able to drive with my current driving license for three months If I translate it with their trusted translation service.  But today, when I went to NSW service office for translating my current driving license, I asked it from one officer, and she answered that I can not drive and should get a new driving license. Probably, I should take the translation and ask the police about it.

In compare to a few countries that I visited, the Public Transportation meaning in Australia is entirely different. Public transportation in big cities doesn’t cover everywhere, and in small towns, it is a meaningless joke.

A few days before today,  I used  “transportnsw.info” site to find the route and a bus to NSW service office. I found a near point to my home that a bus passes, but it should be booked via phone! I picked the phone up and called them. Unfortunately, this calling has no result. The guy on the phone was speaking in a thick Australian accent, and I couldn’t understand him, I apologised and disconnected. I know it is my problem and I should learn their accent because I want to live here.

Then I called to book a taxi; the taxi arrived after 30 minutes. For 6.3 km, I paid more than 26 AU$. I finished my job there, and I spent a similar amount to return.

Today, for the second time, I had to go to the NSW Service office. I decided to go there by walk; it took 4 hours to go and return, it was my longest walking in Australia because I avoided the taxi fee and I had no valid driving license to drive.

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  1. Last week I got my driving license translation, and today I drove a car for the first time in Australia.

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