I am happy with PHP

It was Feb 2018 that I decided to switch PHP. Because of the lovely W3Schools site, learning the PHP was easy to start. In the second week, I tried to write some codes in Notepad++, and then I started to use Eclipse.

eclipse as a PHP editor
eclipse 2019-03

After two months, I created a simple website (Gheimat.xyz [view it on the arichive.org], a Telegram robot (https://t.me/Gheimatxyz_bot), and a WordPress plugin (Warehouse updater from an external XML for Woocommerce).

For ten months, I was mostly busy with my professional online shopping system. I helped some companies to maintain their WP sites. I took more photos, passed food and industrial photography courses, and I attended professional photo editing classes. In other words, I have no free time to start another project with PHP. In Dec 2018, I began to check some technics on PHP. I started my PHP lab (writing some functions for future use).

As I was busy with other tasks, I hired a freelancer to create a WP plugin for me. He did it professionally, but that plugin didn’t meet my expectations. As you probably know, WP based sites are languid when you run them on a shared host, they make MySql server busy and …

The Price Finder site : gheimat.xyz by PHP

I re-started “Gheimat.xyz” project (the PHP website and Telegram bot), this time, I paused other plans and spent 2 to 10 hours a day to change that simple site to an active and useful site. However, a long way to go to improve the website and bot, But I am working on:

  • English part
  • Login and remembrance
  • Letting wholesale companies and retailers add their prices and links to the products.
  • And…

I appreciate it if you could view the site and send me your comments here.

P.S: I stopped developing this project because I migrated to Australia

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