How to activate Navitel for Windows CE

How to activate Navitel for Windows CE

Navitel has different software for diverse operation systems, like Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Bada and Windows CE.

Navitel for Windows CE has been created for OEM (original equipment manufacture), or wholesalers that want to sell imported GPS enabled Car-DVD or PND with Navitel Navigation System. In this time, Navitel is not interested in retail for Windows CE version.



MemNav as an authorized re-seller is ready to get orders between 100 to 1,000,000 licenses. On the other hand, MemNav mapping team is ready to help map providers to make Navitel compatible maps. For more information about Navitel ordering process and maps contact Sales [at]

How to order Navitel license keys for your Windows CE devices?

If you are going to order 100 licenses or more, contact Sales [at], they will send you a bill equal to 20% of your order total fee. After your payment, MemNav technical team (on behalf of Navitel technical team) will contact you to create special software 100% compatible to your device.

When you receive compatible software (when all tests passed), you will receive another bill, equal to 80% of your order total fee. 1 to 2 business days after your second payment, you will receive all your license keys in an email.

Now I have special software and I have bought some license keys, what is the next step?

Navitel license keys should be activated in some easy steps:

  1. Copy (Unzip) your device compatible Navitel software to your SD card.
  2. Put the SD card into your device and Turn your device on.
  3. Set your navigator (Navi Path) to run Navitel.exe (on SD card)
  4. Start Navigation software
    1. If you are using Version 3.X you will be prompted for register and you will see “PDA/PND serial number” on the screen
    2. If you are using Version 5.X you should select demo mode and go to About Software, you will find “PDA/PND serial number” there
  5. Now you have Navitel “License Key”  and “PDA/PND serial number”
  6. Visit fill the form and press “Forward”

  7. The site will show you activation key as below:


8. Press “Save Activation Key to a file”, a text file include Activation key will be downloaded to your computer.

9. Put this file besides Navitel.exe in your SD card and re-run (restart) the program.
10. The program will be active and you will be able to use legal maps on it.
If the map is locked, please contact me for map unlock code

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