GpsMapEdit (GME), Strong Mapping Software for Beginners and Professionals

With a simple search on Google, too many GIS and GPS mapping software could be found, some of them are free and many others are not. Some software has been created to make maps ready for special GPS devices like Garmin or Magellan. For example Mapwel ( ) is professional software to create Garmin map. Even there are some software that let you use more than 200 different raster, vector, and elevation data types, the most famous application ever created is Global Mapper ( )


GpsMapEdit in a glance

GPSMapEdit is an inexpensive application (most of features are free but some special features like loading Google satellite pictures need registered version) that lets GPS mappers to create professional maps in MPF (.mp) format. The *.mp is text based format , but there are some converters that let you to make your maps ready for:

  • Garmin MapSource,
  • Lowrance MapCreate,
  • CityGuide (navigation software for Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, iPhone),
  • Navikey 7 Ways,
  • Navitel Navigator 3.x,
  • ALAN Map 500/600, Holux MapShow,

No matter how much you have paid for the software, probably you should spend a lot of time (and money) to learn that. Maybe you use a self study book, or register for a course. For example “Editing with ArcGIS 10” online course takes 2 days and it’s registration fee is 199 USD. But you will be surprised, If know learning GpsMapEdit takes from 2 hours up to 2-3 days.

· If you have basic skills of GIS and GPS mapping, with “Try it yourself”, you can learn to create and edit a simple map in 1-2 days.

· If you are new to GIS and GPS mapping , you will need 1 more day to learn basic GIS and GPS mapping .

· But learn this software with an expert tutor takes 2 to 4 hours only.

You need to do some real workout to dominant to GpsMapEdit. For example map of a small city.

The pros and cons of using GpsMapEdit


The most obvious feature of GpsMapEdit is optimal memory usage. The software executive file is only 4.2 MB, so the OS and computer resources are free to load bigger maps.


The software has no data gridding feature so filtering data and search on them is not easy at all.

GpsMapEdit Version 2 , a big step forward

Recently new version of GpsMapEdit has been published and some essential features have been added to it, these changes make this software be more useful and efficient. Some new features like export to ESRI Shape, supporting more web maps (Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, OpenStreetMap, Yandex Maps, Kosmosnimki in addition to Google Maps) have made GpsMapEdit more lovely.

Free download and buy license


To download last version of GpsMapEdit please visit this software official site , there you will find direct link to this software order page on Shareit network. Shareit (MyCommerce) let you pay by Visa, Master, Paypal and check.