GPS phones

There are about 54 GPS phones on the market that have built-in GPS. So GPS in the current year will be one of the general abilities that people can use it as a built-in cam and…

Some models name that has built-in GPS :

Nokia N95
Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia E90
Nokia N82
Nokia 6110 Navigator
HTC Touch Cruise
Motorola Q 9h
O2 XDA Orbit
HTC P3300
HTC Advantage X7500
Samsung i780
BlackBerry 8800
Siemens SXG75
HTC P3600
HP iPAQ hw6915
BlackBerry Curve 8310
Asus P535
Eten glofiish M700
i-mate Ultimate 9502
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition
HP iPAQ hw6515
BlackBerry 8820
BenQ-Siemens P51
Eten glofiish X800
Samsung i560
Samsung i550
Eten glofiish X500
Mitac MIO A701
Eten G500
O2 XDA Orbit II
Eten glofiish X500+
HTC P3470
Asus P526
Eten G500+
HTC P3600i
HP iPAQ hw6510
BlackBerry Pearl 8110
Gigabyte g-Smart i300
Toshiba 904T
HP iPAQ hw6910
Eten glofiish X600
Toshiba 903T
Gigabyte g-YoYo
Samsung i617 BlackJack II
Mitac MIO A702
Thuraya SG-2520
Fujitsu Siemens T830
Motorola Z9
Samsung SPH-i325 Ace
Amoi E860
Benefon TWIG Discovery
Fujitsu Siemens T810
Amoi V810