Eidos Consulting

A friend of mine, Mr Ian Deck, asked me to make some changes on his business web site (Eidos Consulting) and make it mobile-friendly. I made him a new website with WordPress.

The new site contains both classic web pages and modern one-page style.

Ian is a brilliant guy and asked me to teach him WordPress, and We spent 3 hours in two sessions, and then he modified some texts, added some pictures and statistics to his site. Yesterday he wrote to me

“I spent some time last night and this morning getting myself confused with structure and links within the website, but I reckon it’s now good enough to ‘go live'”

I am happy that “Eidos Consulting” new website is up and running now. However, some SEO tasks have remained. I will help Ian to do them by himself in next meetup.

I have designed more than 1000 websites for individuals and companies, but I should be honest working with Ian Deck was an exciting experience for me.

Yes, Working with engineers, especially the one with five decades of experience is more comfortable than other people.

Visit his new website: https://eidosconsult.com.au/