Birthday Gift

Yesterday I stayed in the office up to 8:30 pm. When I decided to leave the office, I understood that the apartment manager was absent and the main door and car parking door were locked! I called the number that he had given me for emergency issues, but no one was at the phone!

I was in the middle of a huge problem. Suddenly I saw a man smoking out, on the sidewalk, I knocked on the window, but he did not hear me! I beat harder, he saw me and came near the window. I asked him to inform the restaurant manager in our neighbourhood, he did, and after seconds, the restaurant manager was there! He told me that on the 10th floor there is a guy that has all the keys. When the elevator stopped on the 10th floor, he was with a long bunch in front of the elevator door!!! He was waiting for a thief! He opened the car parking door, and I came out. 45 min took to come out to the street.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was the worst gift that I got ever.

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