An Interview with Repyakh Aleksandr form MicroGIS team

MicroGIS Logo

 MicroGIS  is a software company based on Ukraine and their main products are:

1 – MicroGISEditor that is designed to create vector maps and location plans in the open chart form (PFM – Polish Format) and then compile into different (exchange, closed) mapping formats.

MicroGISEditor is also suitable for preparing maps, and then use a third-party mapping software:

  • CityGuide
  • 7 way
  • Autosputnik
  • Garmin cGpsMapper
  • Garmin MapSource Product Creator
  • MicroGISViewer

2 – MicroGISViewer is intended for work with maps and cartographic plan to terrain, orientation on terrain when use GPS receiver, analysis track, route, POI created in navigational instrument, performing the different measurements and calculation, also as fixings by user of the different situation. has been used their software for a while, there are some good features on their software that help mappers to create more accurate maps. MemNav decided to use their software beside other good mapping software, for mapping and map editing. Their main products are  still under development, but soon final versions will be published on their web site.
An email interview with Repyakh Aleksandr head of MicroGIS software team Ukraine.

Repyakh Aleksandr

Q1: Please tell us a bit about MicoGIS. When did you begin and How many people work at MicroGIS?
A1: In this time three people work qt MicroGIS. We started about two years ago.

Q2: What is (are) your main product(s) and who are your partners?

A2: The MicroGISEditor is our main product now. MicroGISEditor will let us to create other products later. MicroGISViewer will be the second product.

Cartographers on  areour major partners. is map designer for different projects.

Q3: I hear that your MicroGISEditor final version will be published in next month. Can you tell us about it? 
A3: MicroGISEditor final version will be published very soon. We are working hard for this.

Q4: Why should a customer use your MicroGISEditor instead of GpsMapEdit or GlobalMapper?

A4: We don‘t think about it …. Everyone makes his/her choices.

Q5: Have you decided about final version price? 
A5: MicroGISEditor (one license) should be about 50 Euro.

Q6: Do you have any mailing list to join? How do you inform current and potential customers about updates and changes?

A6:  RSS, Twitter, website forum.Registered users on the forum, will be informed automatically

Q7: When your product is under development, how your expenses are covered? 

A7: Sales of licenses will cover our expenses.

Q8: Anything else that people and experts should know about you:

A8: We have created a low cost and multi-functional product. We are working hard for final version, they will be ready soon and I’m sorry for the delay