2 web Projects

I was happy that I had two web projects at a time, an extensive project and a simple and small one. The first project was a complete computer shop contains:

  • Unlimited products and groups
  • Auto image resize
  • Five pictures for each product
  • Fast and smart search
  • Unlimited product features
  • Shopping cart
  • Shopping history
  • One Payment Gateway
  • Compare two products in one time
  • Related products offer
  • Unlimited delivery types
  • Calculating the delivery fee based on distance
  • Smart Delivery address based on Iran provinces/City/Village database of Iran GPS Map site
  • and …


I designed this project from zero. But I used Iran GPS Map cities and villages database to calculate the delivery fee.

The project has been finished now, and the site owner is going to fill it with real products information. Please visit the site www.saghionline.com 

Your comments are welcome.

The second project was a simple WordPress project in the beginning. But the site owner tried to be a web designer in a week. Instead of collecting site content and let me changing template, colours and … He decided to be a site admin. One day I shocked because I saw that the worst WordPress template for RTL language like Persian had been chosen. At first, I thought we were hacked !!! you can guess the rest of the story.

After a while, he said the hosting in the USA is not good enough, and please move the site to one ISP in EU. I did as he asked me, then he wondered that nine extra hours had been billed for that. I was not able to upload a zipped file and extract them on the new host!

Uh, I have never ever had a complex project before. The site owner is One of the best human beings that God created. But unfortunately, his behaviour was too inappropriate that I decided to pause or even stop the project.

Anyway, I have had Good and Bad experiences in the last two weeks; the second one made me mad !!!

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