easyhostway Australia

Easy Host Way Australia

Easy Host Way Australia created a new website for Aussie customers. The new website address is easyhostway.com.au . All prices on this site are in the Australian Dollar, and the default cloud web hosting data centre (Amaze) is based in Sydney, Australia. Clients can also host their websites in four other data centres in America and Europe. Yes, Location is the matter If your websites are created for clients coming from Australia, Oceania, and New Zealand, then Easy Host Way Australia–based data centre is the ideal hosting solution for your requirements. By accommodating your websites in Australia, you are going to provide the best available website streaming speeds for your customers from the area. All of the Easy Host Way

نمونه کارهای طراحی وب

در مصاحبه های کاری معمولا در مورد تکنولوژی های صحبت شد که در سابقه کار من با شرکت هایی که درآنهاکار می کردم موجود نبود. ممکن است شانس کار کردن با همه آنچه می دانیم و می آموزیم در محیط کار فراهم نشود. من شخصا روی پروژه هایی کار کرده ام که باید آنها را در جایی لیست می کردم لذا یک سایت کوچک با ویوجی اس ساختم و برایش یک ای پی آی با لاراول هم ساختم و اکنون این سایت در اختیار شماست. loading Products…

Adelaide Painting Site Enhancement

I recently revamped the website of MJ Painting Services, based in Adelaide website, to let them offer an enhanced user experience.Visitors can now enjoy lightning-fast loading times, a fully mobile-friendly design, and a streamlined Free Quote page for effortless service inquiries. Improved navigation and engaging content showcase their dedication to excellence in painting services and online presence. Explore their upgraded website today and discover a world of painting inspiration, customer testimonials, and easy project quotes.If you live in Adelaide or anywhere in South Australia, I strongly recommend MJ Painting Services for all your painting needs. loading Products…

I gained some knowledge about PostgreSQL by attending a short course on Query Tuning. I found Postgres to be very useful.

I am an expert in MySQL and Microsoft SQL, but I haven’t had the opportunity to delve into Postgre SQL yet. The mentioned course helped me with that. What is PostgreSQL? PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that has gained significant popularity among developers and businesses. It was first developed at the University of California, Berkeley, in the 1980s and has since evolved into a robust and feature-rich database solution. PostgreSQL stands out from other RDBMS choices due to its emphasis on extensibility and adherence to standards. This implies that users can effortlessly expand its functionality by incorporating custom data types and operators or coding their own functions in different programming languages. PostgreSQL

Witness Report & The Disturbing Rise of Missing Persons in Iran and Afghanistan: Unveiling the Dark Reality

In recent years, there has been an alarming trend of people being arrested or kidnapped by police in Iran and Afghanistan. Many of these people are never seen or heard from again, leaving their families to wonder what happened to them. The forced disappearance of a loved one is a nightmare for any family. The anguish and uncertainty of not knowing what happened to them or if they are still alive is unbearable. But this is the reality for many families in Iran and Afghanistan, where the number of missing persons is on the rise. Forced disappearances have a devastating impact on families. They can cause physical and mental health problems, financial hardship, and social isolation. The burden of worry

Jina Amini

What is happening in Iran?

I have been trying to focus on my software development work, but it has not been easy. The last two weeks were a nightmare; with terrible news from Iran (the country where I have born and grown), the hijab police arrested and killed a 22-year girl  (Jina (Mahsa) Amini) #MahsaAmini. My heart and mind were with the people that protested, and it has been hard to focus on anything else. I am hoping that things will start to improve soon. The mullahs confiscated Iran people’s revolution 43 years ago and occupied Iran. Then started to destroy Iran’s relationship with other countries. The Mullahs have been successful in doing this for 43 years. They have ruined Iran’s economy and its relationship

Helpful sentences and idioms in English and Persian

I recently found a  lot of Instagram pages that publish helpful phrases and idioms in English. Since it is almost impossible to find something we need and do not remember, I decided to collect and publish them in a searchable table here. The table inside this page is not suitable for mobile, Please view it on a PC. This is my third year living in Australia, and every day I feel more than yesterday that I should speak English the way people do here, not how I learned them before. I will check each of these phrases with my Australian friends and identify common in Australia. In addition, a free picture dictionary site in 4 languages is available for free

PHP Function for Colour Text to HEX Code

In a PHP project database, there was a text filed for colours that should be shown as a background colour of a box in front of the product name. Stored colours were like these: Blue BLUE Tomato Beech Flame Red Salmon … That some of them were not a standard colour for HTML, I searched the Internet for the colour to the HEX code table, and I added some non-standard but recurrent colours on that project like: Wood Charcol Gun Metal United Nations Blue … to this PHP function, you can add yours <?php function colourtexthex($colour_text) { // colour text to HEX code $colours = array ( ‘aliceblue’ => ‘F0F8FF’, ‘aluminium’ => ‘848789’, ‘antiquewhite’ => ‘FAEBD7’, ‘aqua’ => ’00FFFF’, ‘aquamarine’

Smarter IMS

The story of a new, smarter method of inventory management software

The story of a new, smarter method of inventory management software: This document originally has been published at “SMARTER TECH” web site. It was 2013, the company that I was working in decided to have its own shopping system and warehouse inventory software. I designed a very flexible database with the help of Jaz, and the new shopping system started its activity in 2 months after the decision was made. A simple but tailored inventory management software compatible with that company’s needs was added to it, and the whole system was in operation until 2019. That company does not exist anymore, but my experiences with the inventory management software live with me! Last year based on my new customers’ needs,

Smarter Tech

Smarter Tech

This is the 11th month that I am in Australia; during this time, I tried to learn more about the Australian online market. I learnt that besides giants companies that have very advanced tools in digital marketing, there are many small companies with old fashioned web sites that their web site does nothing for them. After ten months, I decided to register my business name here, I named it Smarter Tech. Smarter Tech goes to show smarter and simpler ways to small businesses to promote their online activities. Smarter Tech services for the first year of its activity will be: Fast and reliable web hosting Web Development Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins For Online Shops Actually I am going to gather

Swift Price Site

swiftprice.com.au and Australia market

swiftprice.com.au is a modified version of the ghaimat project for the Australian market. This site monitors 22K products right now and has been designed to monitor millions of products in 2021. The SwiftPrice helps Australian customers to find better and cheaper prices for goods and services inside Australia. Unlike large sites like Google which only show great site prices, Swift Price allows small sellers to easily display their prices on the site. It is enough for a small online business owner to contact the site owner and submit their inquiry. Find some online prices here : loading Products…

Afghan Village Resturant

Afghan Village Restaurant a new website and digital marketing

I am proud to say I created a new website for Afghan Village Restaurant. This restaurant location is in Camberwell, Melbourne and its new manager is Ms Ghavidel. The restaurant started its activity in 2001, and some famous people like Stephen Downes, Lianne Tolra, Janne Apelgren and Matt Preston have written a review about it. A good history and experienced team of Afghan Village Restuarant brings them new and loyal customers every week. But like any other business in the 21st century, old and conventional methods should be boosted with “Digital Marketing” to be more effective. I started my job with a simple and mobile-friendly website. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to visit Melbourne and the restaurant place so as

Interchange Shoalhaven

Interchange Shoalhaven and Me

Today, I went to Interchange Shoalhaven (a not for profit, non-government, community-based organisation) for the 3rd time. Their office location is at 37 Holloway Road, East Nowra. Today I had the chance to visit their influential team members, and then I start to analyse their website and social media current status. In a 1-hour meeting with their IT person, we set some goals for the next two months. I understood that they had done a lot of valuable jobs, and we should do some more tasks before 2020 starts. Some tasks like Increasing their site rank with SEO Decreasing their website Alexa rank to 1 million Creating some back-link to the website Doubling the Facebook page fans and followers Doubling


Eidos Consulting

A friend of mine, Mr Ian Deck, asked me to make some changes on his business web site (Eidos Consulting) and make it mobile-friendly. I made him a new website with WordPress. The new site contains both classic web pages and modern one-page style. Ian is a brilliant guy and asked me to teach him WordPress, and We spent 3 hours in two sessions, and then he modified some texts, added some pictures and statistics to his site. Yesterday he wrote to me “I spent some time last night and this morning getting myself confused with structure and links within the website, but I reckon it’s now good enough to ‘go live’” I am happy that “Eidos Consulting” new website

Princes Highway

I travel whether walking or driving

When I arrived in Australia, It took one week to adopt my mind with this truth that people drive in the correct direction, and they are not criminals. Here, the cars steering wheel is in the right, and the cars drive on the left side of the streets. When I ride a taxi for the first time, I was pushing the brake pedal. I expected to have a car crash anytime. Step by step, my mind adapted itself to new rules, and now, I think I am ready to drive again. It is the truth but funny that I should face an 18-year challenge in 44. I should take another driving license! Before coming to Australia, I read that I


Southern hemisphere and new experiences

We came to the southern hemisphere of the earth, where I was showing it on  the geographical sphere in my childhood and was asking, “The people here do not fall?” Here, not only people don’t fall, but also the sun in the north in the noon isn’t an important issue. Here the steering wheel of the cars is in the right, and sometimes, as usual, when I want to pass the street I look at the left side, while the danger is on the right! Here is a paradise for birds, wherever you can find many birds. Many of these birds are new to me, so I am busy by bird watching and enjoying the city. Everything here runs slowly